The Cuban Clinic “San Marko” is the only official distributor of Vidatox 30 CH for Albania and Europe. The Cuban Clinic “San Marko” operates in the Albanian and foreign markets for several years now, offering to the interested patients: the original product, qualified foreign and domestic medical staff, rapid delivery and delivery of the product. Recently the clinic has been faced with imitations of the Vidatox 30 CH product, which are sold under the same name, creating confusion in the patients. Therefore, to avoid any doubt as to the authenticity and quality of the product, the Kuban Clinic “San Marko” is available to keep in touch with the Labiofam Export Director ( & e-mail) as well as the legal documents. These data can be found in the following:


Klinika Kubane “ San Marko” eshte i vetmi distributor zyrtar i Vidatox 30 CH per Shqiperine dhe Europen. Te licensuar prej disa vitesh  tashme Klinika Kubane “ San Marko”  operon ne tregun shqiptar dhe te huaj duke ju ofruar pacienteve te interesuar: produktin origjinal, staf te kualifikuar mjekesh te huaj dhe vendas, sherbim dhe shperndaje te shpejte te produktit. Kohet e fundit Klinika eshte perballuar me imitimet e produktit Vidatox 30 CH te cilat shiten rendom nen te njejtin emer, duke krijuar konfuzion te pacientet. Prandaj per te shmangur cdo dyshim mbi origjinalitetin dhe cilesine e produktit Klinika Kubane” San Marko” ve ne dispozicion te kujdo kontaktet ( nr.cel & e- mail) te Dr. se Eksporteve te Labiofam si dhe dokumentat legale. Keto te dhena mund ti gjeni ne add e meposhtme: