From 09.12.2018 – 09.01.2019 at the Clinic Cuban “San Marco” will come Dr. Maria Isabel Bermudez Dominguez, First grade specialist in immunology and advanced  oncology. For 15 years, part of the staff of Labiofam S.A and part of the Department of Clinical Practice, her contribution to the fight against cancer and treatment of sick patients has yielded excellent results.

For all patients interested in conducting consultations with Dr. Maria Isabel can contact us at 0355696685228 or at our e-mail address:




Nga  dt 09.12.2018 – 09.01.2019 ne Kliniken Kubane “ San Marko” do vije Dr. Maria Isabel Bermudez Dominguez, Specialiste e grades se pare ne imunologji dhe onkologji te avancuar. Prej 15 vitesh pjese e stafit te Labiofam S.A si dhe pjese e Departamentit te Praktikave Klinike, kontributi i saj ne luften kunder kancerit dhe trajtimit te pacienteve te semure ka dhene rezultate te shkelqyera.

Per te gjithe pacientet e interesuar per te kryer konsulte me Dr. Maria Isabel mund te na kontaktojne ne 0355696685228 ose ne adresen tone te e-mail-it :

Ju mirepresim!