Dr. Ch. Efthimiadhis na paraqet historine disa vjecare te trajtimit me Vidatox te motres se tij, paciente ne kliniken tone, e diagnostikuar me Glioblastoma multiforme (tumor malinj i trurit) 10 vjet me pare. 3 vitet e fundit ajo eshte nen trajtimin me Vidatox. Ai shprehet: “…Nuk e di nese eshte pergjegjes Vidatox apo ne jetuam nje mrekulli,...

Dr. Ch. Efthimiadhis
Sep 12, 2015


     Cuban Clinics “San Marco” offers the best services and specialized in the field of medicine. Our       doctors, specialized in countries that are vanguard in terms of traditional medicine and the alternatives   one such as Cuba, are at your disposal anytime. 


    Cuban Clinics “San Marco” has signed an exclusive contract with the pharmaceutical company   “LABIOFAM” Havana Cuba that authorizes us as the only representative in Albania for their products.   Therefore any other company businesses such products as well as operate illegally cannot guarantee       the authenticity of the same as well as the origin. For patient safety, please do not rely on “society” or   unauthorized individuals who, without scruple, are capitalizing on people’s health by putting products   on the market of dubious origin. For any further information we are at your disposal.

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