Dr. Ch. Efthimiadhis na paraqet historine disa vjecare te trajtimit me Vidatox te motres se tij, paciente ne kliniken tone, e diagnostikuar me Glioblastoma multiforme (tumor malinj i trurit) 10 vjet me pare. 3 vitet e fundit ajo eshte nen trajtimin me Vidatox. Ai shprehet: “…Nuk e di nese eshte pergjegjes Vidatox apo ne jetuam nje mrekulli,...

Dr. Ch. Efthimiadhis
Sep 12, 2015


How many types are the doses of Vidatox, which should be taken?

Only 5 drops Vidatox should be applied sublingually. No matter how many times in the day you take Vidatox the dose is only 5 drops. This dose has been established after many years of clinical analysis and research.

  • How many times a day should the product be administered?

Depending on the condition of the body – every 12, 8, 6, 4 or even 2 hours …

  • May Vidatox be used with the traditional medical treatments?

Vidatox has been created and clinically studied mainly as an adjunct in the traditional therapies. The scientific information published on this website clearly shows that the participants in the monitored patient groups undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy at the same time and are subjected to postoperative recovery.

  • What will happen if I put under my tongue more than 5 drops, for example 6 or 7?

Basically nothing will happen, but it is recommended to strictly adhere to the dose established.

  • Should I feel something when I take Vidatox?

Yes, you will feel a slight burning under the tongue, which is due to the minimum amount of alcohol contained in the substance. But this is a very light feeling, which has no consequences.

  • What should I do if I forget or miss to take any dose?

If you remember shortly after you have missed the hour provided for in the regimen, take the dose and then adjust its administration within the following hours depending on the time of the delay, but do not forget to always take the dose on an empty stomach or at least two hours after eating. If more than a few hours have passed, just wait for the time of your next dose to come and continue the administration …

  • If I am already in a period of remission (recovery period after the treatment) may I take Vidatox?

Yes, it is quite suitable to take Vidatox – you may do this for a short period of time (3-4 weeks) by taking Vidatox every 12 hours and then you may take the dose just to maintain the condition of your body once a day within several months.

  • How long may Vidatox be taken?

No term has been specifically determined. It has only been clinically proven that its protective properties manifest well at least three months after its administration. Usually, if the patient’s condition is serious, it is recommended to take Vidatox until all serious symptoms disappear.

  • May I take Vidatox after meal?

No, Vidatox should only be taken on an empty stomach in order to be best absorbed by the body. This may be done 20-30 minutes before meal or at least 2 hours after the most recent food intake.

  • May a healthy person take Vidatox?

It is not recommended, although the analyses of the clinical studies show that the product has good preventive properties.

  • Where can I buy Vidatox?

Details to contact us may be found on our webpage

  • Who produces Vidatox?

Vidatox is produced by Labiofam. More information about Labiofam may be found on our webpage International Activities of Labiofam.

  • Are there any features in the administration of Vidatox?

Yes, there are. Detailed information about these features may be found on our webpage

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