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Dr. Ch. Efthimiadhis
Sep 12, 2015


MELAGENINA PLUS ( Melagenina + Calcium Chloride ) is an alcoholic extract of human placenta, a pharmacological product that has the property to increase the reproduction of melanocytes in the borders or inside the acronic areas of the sick persons, as well as to acelerate the process of production of melanin, that is why it has become a successful therapy for Vitiligo.             

DOSAGE Shake the flask to homogenize the contents.Rub lotion with finger tips over depigmented skin areas once a day ,every 24 hours.Exposure to sunlight or infrared radiation is not required.OBSERVATIONS

If treatment is properly carried out, within 3 to 7 days a reddening on depigmented area is observed followed by a gradual opacification an repigmentation of this area. MELAGENINA PLUS Lotion can be applied without risk over mucuos surfaces. Do not rub it so as to avoid irritation.

MELAGENINA PLUS is repigmenting action is selective as it does not act on normal skin areas.

Dark skin repigments faster than light complexions.

MELAGENINA PLUS exerts its action on the basal layer of the epidermis through transcutaneous absorption in the site of application.

Skin repigmentation in vitiligo cases is irreversible. A treatment with MELAGENINA PLUS is innocuous. It may be applied to both children and adults, including the elderly and to women during pregnancy or menstruation.

It is compatible with any type of food or beverage, as well as with other groups of drugs except psoralens, cytostatics and corticosteroids.

MELAGENINA PLUS has no harmful local or systemic side effect.


At the beginning of treatment, new achromatic areas appear, or the size of existing areas increases in 40 percent of the patients. This effect is transient and has no effect on prognosis.


235 ml amber glass flask


Human placental lipoprotein fraction solubilized in 235 ml of alcohol (90 degrees) and CaCl2.


El Vitiligo no mata… pero puede aniquilar mentalmente a quien lo padezca, pues parece irreversible; sin embargo, melagenina plus en este año, la esperanza para su cura definitiva es una realidad.

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