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Dr. Ch. Efthimiadhis
Sep 12, 2015




CONTENTS: Each mL (20 drops) contains: Hydroalcoholic solution with 50% of selected extracts from the roots of medicinal plant Morinda. The concentration is on the order of milligrams.

INDICATIONS: Complementary therapy in the treatment of anxiety. It stimulates depressive condition, useful for adults with physical and mental fatigue, improves memory, behavior and mental balance, beneficial in patients with Alhzeimer. It stimulates the libido in men and women.

KONTRAINDICATIONS: Not recommended to patients with hypersensitivity to natural treatments.

RECOMMENDATIONS: For under 15 years old patients consult with a specialist. 20 minutes before and after use should not consume anything.

Warning: Use of this product does not exclude or limit the use of other conventional treatments for these conditions.


• For adults 15+: Before the use of this product you must shake well the bottle that contains 20ml solution. Then take an amount of drops set by the doctor who assesses the patient's condition, and jump in 30 ml of boiling water and cooled. Dosage and time of use set by the doctor.

Depending on tolerance and evaluation of each patient's conditions, can increase or decrease the dose but with a prior medical consultation.

• Children under 15 YEARS: values that would suggest a specialist.

TERMS OF STORAGE: Store at temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius.


PRESENTATION: It is placed in a bottle with dropper 20 ml.

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